Corporate Team Building

Corporate Team Building In The Algarve Sun

Corporate team building events abroad add a special dimension and will leave your staff motivated to the highest levels with management satisfied with a handsome return on their investment and time.

At Colina Verde Sports Resort our corporate team building events include:

  1. Conferences
  2. Product Launches
  3. Sales & Marketing Events
  4. Leadership Development
  5. Seminars
  6. Team Building Activities
  7. Activities can include the following:
  8. Rugby
  9. Team Building Activities
  10. Tennis Tournaments
  11. Fitness
  12. Food & Wine Tasting

Coming Soon

  1. Croquet Club
  2. Beach Football
  3. Beach Volleyball

The list above is an example of what we can arrange. If you have any suggestions or requests, please do not hesitate to contact us about the possibility of adding the activity to your itinerary. Conference Room may be reserved upon request. Meeting facilities available include: an overhead projector, flat screen plasma TV, DVD player and flip charts. Drinks and food may also be prepared if required.

For your specific requirements, Glória Baptista, our Commercial Sports Manager will be happy to tailor an event to suit your particular needs Tel + 351 912 223 517, E: