Santa Luzia

Santa Luzia Holidays

While in Santa Luzia, why not make time to visit Barril beach in the area. Without question this is one of the finest beaches on the Algarve. Enjoy the short choo choo train ride across the marshes as it trundles its way along the tracks to slowly bring you to the beach station for a nominal euro fare.

Santa Luzia is home to a beautiful unspoilt beach and natural fauna awaits you, as you survey the horizon from a height. Feel the wind in your hair and the sun on your back as your eyes gaze across the blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean, as the waves come crashing onto the shore. This truly is freedom & the stress free life.

Take a stroll to the old anchor graveyard to your left as years of weather has left the great hulking figures of iron rusting among their memories.

These anchors were not for ships but weighed down the giant nets needed to catch the great shoals of tuna as they migrated towards the warmer Mediterranean waters.
For here until 1966, a thriving tuna fishing community lived and worked the seas. There are old photographs in the restaurants close by, bearing testament to the brave efforts of fisherman that battled the big fish and the crashing waves, to earn their families livelihood.

Santa Luzia is also close to Tavira and a visit is a must. Known as the Octopus Capital of the Algarve, fishermen over the generations have worked the seas, to bring a bounty of seafood, which local restaurants prepare to very high culinary standards.The old wooden fisherman houses are still prominent as you enter the seafront, and the working harbour & market comes to life every morning to sell the nightly catch.

Capelo & Vincent are two of the more prominent quality restaurants offering a wide variety of delicious dishes, made from local produce and beyond.

Santa Luzia boasts lively bars & cafes are inviting as locals & visitors mix in a balmy atmosphere. Meia Pipa particularly worth a visit especially when the live music nights are in full swing!

Boats bobbling on clear blue waters add to the picture postcard scenery that greet the visitor, whatever the time of year.

Santa Luzia is just one the many great attractions Colina Verde has on our door step. Planning a holiday in the beautiful Algarve? Make sure to visit Santa Luzia,  Take a look at our deals.