Colina Verde Resort


All equipment is supplied by Technogym


2 treadmills
1 elliptical
4 bikes (1 reclined)


Work out area torso and legs:
4 flat adjustable benches
1 adductor machine (Maximum weight 80kg)
1 abductor machine (Maximum weight 80kg)
1 Leg extension (Maximum weight 100kg)
1 Leg Curl (Maximum weight 100kg)
1 Lat Machine (Maximum weight 120kg)
1 Chest press (Maximum weight 120kg)
1 Pectoral (Maximum weight 120kg)

All these have adjustable weights, between 5kg and maximum referred

1 Multi power

Combined with 1 set of weights discs from 1.25 kg to 20 kg (in pairs) (total weight 137 kg)


Adjustable weight with supplementary discs, of 10kg each, or 5kg each.

Heavy weights

Lifting platforms won’t be necessary as pavement is special sports pavement;
(The ideal protection against impacts and falls of equipment and plates, reducing floor breakage and noise in addition to preventing accidents. The high density extreme protection with high resistance surface. Shock and sound absorption. Maximum reduction of noise and vibration levels)

10 Discs of 25 kg each
4 Olympic lifting bars
2 Squat Racks

3 Kit dumbbells:

1 from 2.5 kg to 20kg (12 pairs)
1 from 22 kg to 32kg (12 pairs)
1 from 32 to 60Kg (12 pairs)

Fitness balls

Yoga Mats